Our Approach

A Collaborative and Customized Approach: Successful non-discretionary investment advisory service involves a collaborative process where the advisor must have a complete understanding of each client, their specific investment policy, their expected cash flows, their tolerance for risk and their internal resource capability and capacity. The professionals at GPA have spent years developing and refining a customized process that has proven successful in levering their experience and resources. GPA assists public entities in the development of an investment process that incorporates best practices and utilizes the expertise of the client’s internal management team. Our clients find that outsourcing the time-consuming and technical components of the investment process, while retaining control of decision making, enhances the overall results. In addition, we can assure that you have a direct line of communication with the senior advisors of GPA. Our company was founded on building relationships between the client’s investment personnel and our experienced advisors. We do not use “relationship managers” to communicate strategies, procedures and transactions. You will receive that information directly from the advisors who are involved in the market daily.

Individualized Approach: Our philosophy with public fund investing starts with a customized approach to the development of a structured investment management process. Specific investment strategies are developed to meet the investment objectives of each client. We understand that each account is unique and has specific requirements.

GPA serves public funds with a comprehensive list of fixed income investment advisory solutions that assist in the development of a proficient, cost effective investment management process.

Investment policy and procedure development updates: Over the past 30 years, our team has worked with public funds in writing and updating investment policies. We have extensive experience with the structure of public fund investment policies, evaluation of existing policies and implementation of industry best practices for changes to the investment policy.
Development and implementation of fixed income investment strategies: Well-communicated portfolio strategies and tactical execution are important to provide optimal investment results sucessfully. Strategies are customized and individually executed based upon the specific requirements of each client.
Benchmarking strategies: GPA has developed and implemented market benchmark techniques as a strong investment management tool to help provide investment results that are consistent with expectations. Market benchmark strategies help structure quantifiable risk/return metrics which can provide value to public funds of all sizes. We assist clients in the development of internal benchmarks that match the goals and objectives of each specific fund.
Improved reporting of portfolio holdings and performance analysis: Clear, concise reporting offers the ability to communicate not only how the portfolio looks at any point in time but also how it has performed over various time periods.
Implementation of effective and fully transparent security execution platforms: Our extensive relationships with the top tier broker/dealers and the leverage we can achieve with those dealers are passed on to our clients in transactional savings. Our competitive pricing platform is one of the most important advantages we have among our peers. We employ a significant effort in finding the “best execution price” in the market for each and every transaction. This competitive trading platform provides for transparency and competitive pricing documentation for each trade.
Education and development: The team has played an instrumental role in providing educational platforms in many capacities to public funds. We welcome the opportunity to provide an educational session to staff, investment committee and oversight fiduciaries who are interested in learning more about the fixed income markets and investment strategies.