Government Portfolio Advisors

GPA-Circle-3The foundation of Government Portfolio Advisor’s (“GPA”) service is providing non-discretionary fixed income investment advisory services to public funds. Public fund investors include states, counties, cities, water districts, power districts, school districts, colleges and universities. GPA partners with each client’s financial staff to help increase the financial performance in their general funds, debt service funds, reserve funds, construction funds and escrow accounts. We strive to offer an advisory service that provides full transparency, complete accountability and a disciplined investment management process built on industry best practices.

Public fund investors must balance variances in liquidity, cash flow, and credit quality along with specific investment policy constraints and return expectations. GPA works in a collaborative manner with each client to design an investment management process that is structured to meet our client’s investment policy objectives of safety, liquidity and return.

Safety-Liquidity-Return-Risk_Flow-Clart-1GPA works to enhance our clients’ existing investment process and improve upon their financial effectiveness and cost efficiency. GPA levers existing resources by providing access to cost efficient technology, transparent competitive transactions, and portfolio strategy development.

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